Working with Special Needs Pupils

Oldham Compact EBP has worked successfully over many years with many of the Special Schools in Oldham to the benefit of a great deal of pupils.

Here are some examples of activites available to support the learning of special needs pupils

Money Controls Production Line - This 3 day partnership centre activity involves pupils working in teams to assemble the components of a genuine coin control mechanism. The activity gives the pupils an insight into a working day, whilst developing their team working and communication skills.

COMPACT Goals awards system - This system rewards with certificates pupils that achieve targets for attendance, punctuality, school work, behaviour, and can be extended to cover key skills such as communication and Information Technology.

Team Enterprise Key Skills Diary - A resource designed to enable pupils involved in Team Enterprise to recognise the wide range of skills they have used and developed during the programme.

Partnership Centre Passport - An ICT activity at the partnership centre which is based around the production of individual 'Passports' . The activity involves pupils thinking about themselves, and their interests, then using PC's to produce their own passport complete with digital photo.

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