Activity North West Water - Virtual Reality Wetlands Site
Focus Science
Key Skill Communication
Length 1 Day
Description A school based activity. The pupils will use the NWW virtual reality package to explore the food chain found in a wetlands site. Pupils will be provided with a master worksheets to help them collect the information they require. Pupils will know that:
different habitats support different plants and animals.
In food webs there are several food chains with species in common.
Activity Investigating Primary, Secondary and Tertiary
Focus Geography
Key Skill Communication
Length 4 Weeks
Description A display and support material that can be loaned by the school. The display covers a primary industry, the quarrying of stone, and includes work sheets for the pupils. An optional visit to a manufacturing company to allow students to see a secondary industry. This can be followed up by investigating the materials that local companies import and export. Students will write to companies asking for information.
Activity Lego DACTA Control Intelligent House
Focus ICT and DT
Key Skill Application of Number
Length 1 day
Description This activity at the Partnership Centre has been designed to provide pupils with the challenge of producing a fully operational model of an automated house, to the required specification. Pupils will be able to:
plan, develop, test and modify sets of instructions and procedures to control events using feedback and measuring and recording physical variables, and will investigate various devices that control the functions of a house, for example security, heating.
Activity Mentoring : Pupil Development Programme
Focus Compact Goals
Key Skill Communication
Length 2 Days
Description This activity at the Partnership Centre aims to raise levels of aspiration and potential of selected pupils. Part 1 A small group 5/6 pupils meet for 1 half day with the COMPACT team to plan a programme for fellow pupils
Part 2 A group of 15-20 pupils will attend the centre to take part in the planned programme. Outside speakers are involved to discuss and debate issues around truancy behaviour, value of education, future aspirations etc.
The second day is spent in preparing ideas to take back into school At the end of the 2 days the students carry out a self assessment of their key skills development and identify their goals within the COMPACT goal framework The pupils may also become mentors for lower school pupils.
Activity Thinking kits / Reviewing Skills
Focus PHSE
Key Skill Improving Own Learning
Length From 1 hour to 8x1 hour
Description A course of up to 7 lessons designed to develop the full range of skills that contribute to the overall skill of self review.
Pupils will have an awareness of; :what success means to you, your unlimited potential, what qualities and talents you have and how to make your goals become reality.
Activity Curriculum Materials
Focus National Curriculum
Key Skill  
Length Various - delivered in
Description The following sets of materials have been designed to raise pupils motivation and contribute to raising achievement, by enhancing and showing the delivery of the National Curriculum, through collaborative activities with local businesses
Shopping, Coronation Street and the National Curriculum, Colour - Light - Sound and Electricity, Healthy Living, Water Plants and Animals, Investigating Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Industry
Activity Class Mentoring
Focus Cross Curricular
Key Skill Improving Own Learning
Description Whole class work to targets for the COMPACT Goals, they are supported by weekly visits from a mentor from business/the community
Activity Face to Face
Focus PHSE
Key Skill Communication
Description Pupils take part in a half day workshop which begins with sketches focussing upon communication. The students then talk in an open forum about the sketches and are led to see reflections of their own experiences. The students are introduced to the Careers Adviser who reinforces the theme.
The students identify targets up to the end of year 9 and beyond within the COMPACT Goal framework.
The workshop can be accomodated within the New Start programme or for pupils who are disaffected
Activity Study Support - Control Problems
Focus Technology
Key Skill Information Technology
Description An after school activity, pupils from Oldham Schools taking part in problem solving activities using computer controlled LEGO DACTA robotics.
Activity Year 9 Music Programme
Focus Music
Key Skill Working with Others
Description Under development with North Chadderton and Kaskenmoor Schools, in association with Roland Keyboards UK.

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