Activity Personal Effectiveness Programme
Focus PHSE
Key Skill Communication
Length 4 one hour sessions
Description 4 one hour sessions conducted by Oldham COMPACT staff in conjunction with local employers. To encourage and enhance the development of wider employability skills with some focus on preparation for interview.The sessions utillise discussions, self analysis and target setting. Pupils will be able:-
To develop communication skills in a work related context.
To develop listening skills in a work related context.
To develop Self Presentation Skills in a work related context.
To develop Time - Management skills in a work related context.
Activity Mentoring through A Level induction
Focus A Level
Key Skill Improving Own Learning
Description University students or recent graduates talk to a group of A level pupils at induction about their own experiences. They illustrate potential threats to achievement and encourage the pupils to set themselves goals and targets and begin work NOW! They return one month later to check on progress as an hour long open forum with the whole group
Activity Team Enterprise Key Skills Diary (Special Needs)
Focus SEN
Key Skill Improving Own Learning
Length Ongoing
Description The Team Enterprise Booklet is available on floppy disk, ready for schools to personalise the materials to the particular needs of their pupils. The booklet is designed to be used as a diary for recording key events in the enterprise calendar, pupils and teachers are encouraged to review activities and to slot those activities into key skill areas. The booklet has many opportunities for the inclusion of local photographs, adding to the ownership of the materials
Activity A Level Music Technology
Focus Music
Key Skill Improving Own Learning
Description Currently under development
Activity Lego DACTA Control Robotic Production Line
Focus Design Technology
Key Skill Working with Others
Length 2 days
Description This activity provides students with a challenge to produce a fully operational model of an automated production line, to the required specification. The pupils will be formed into a team/teams, dependent on numbers. The teams will be provided with a design brief for a production line. Working as a team they will have to design, build the machinery, and write a control programme to fulfil the specification.. Review sessions will be built into the activity. Pupils will have access to digital cameras/video cameras to provide evidence of their work.
Activity Mock Interviews
Focus PHSE
Key Skill Communication
Length According to needs
Description This activity has been designed to improve pupils application and interviewing skills. Pupils are invited to attend an interview, for which they must complete an application form. They are interviewed by a local employer or employee. The interviews may be on COMPACT/EBP premises, on company premises or school premises. Interviews last up to 20 minutes. The activity is open to all pupils.

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