Spotlight on Industry and Commerce Day St Augustines of Canterbury School 4th and 5th October 2000

Two one day workshops run in school which aim to:-
-Develop Communication Skills
-Develop the ability to work in teams
-Build closer links between schools and Industry.

During the day groups of pupils work closely with an adviser from a local business or other organisation to complete exercises that rely upon good team work.

  Team Work
Our team had to decide who was going to be the Team Leader, this person then had to decide who would be our construction engineers, our negotiators and our researcher. Next we had to send the researcher to look at a model made of coloured shapes, they had to try and tell the construction engineer how to make a copy of the model. The researcher was allowed to make 5 visits, and the negotiator had to try and convince other teams to swap shapes they did not need.

  My Ideal Employee
We had to work with our adviser to decide about the things that make an ideal employee, we had to draw posters to illustrate our ideas, and then we had to give a presentation to everybody in the hall.

  The Domino Factor
During this activity the team needed to construct a bridge over an imaginary river, and then to place a line of dominoes over the bridge so that they would all collapse when the first domino was pushed. This sounded easy but we kept knocking the line over when members of the team pushed to table in a rush to get finished.
During the afternoon session each group moved around to speak to some of the different companies and organisations at the industry day, here are a selection of the many activities that took place

  The Natwest Bank
Julia Cooper from the Natwest Bank told us about the different things that Natwest does, we watched a video about the history of the bank, and the different Natwest companies and we did a quiz

Jon Stocker from Zetex told us about the job he did, he is a subcontracts manager. He also told us about how silicon chips were made to be used in computers and mobile phones. We got to look at some chips, and we were allowed to take silicon chips away with us.

Bev and Suzanne from HSBC Bank told us about the different functions of the bank and about the different accounts. We found out about the HSBC website, which you can see by following the link:

  The Royal Air Force
Lt Mervyn Watkins from The RAF talked to us about the different jobs that are available in the RAF, and about what it is like to live as a member of the RAF.

  Greater Manchester Police Force
PC Jones and PC Miller from the GMP allowed us to look at and try on some of the different equipment that a police officer may have to use. We looked at a radio, we tried a helmet on, we looked at some old and new weapons, a stab proof vest, and we tried out a pair of handcuffs.

  F I Group
Sheila Coop from the FI Group introduced us to what her company does. They provide training for companies, particularly through computer courses. We looked at the website, which you can see by following the link:

Some other organisations at the Spotlight on Industry and Commerce Day

Royal and Sun Alliance Insurance
SSL (Seton Scholl London) Group
Park Cake Bakerties (Northern Foods)
Seddon Atkinson
Oldham Compact Education Business Partnership
Oldham Careers Service Partnership
First Aid - Resuscitation Workshop

  The Reminiscence Project
  Reminiscence Project
This project funded by the Dfee, and coordinated by Oldham Compact EBP and Age Concern, puts school children from 4 primary and 4 secondary schools together with groups of older people to carry out projects based around the reminiscences of the older people. The older people involved additionally get the benefit of finding out about computers.

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