The role of parents in motivating and supporting their children through the different stages of education, employment and lifelong learning cannot be underestimated. For that reason Oldham Compact EBP is managing a project funded through the Glodwick SRB3 project that aims to develop and deliver a programme of support activities for parents that will improve the way they can support their children with their schooling.

The first activity from this project was designed to raise Glodwick parents awareness of local training and employment opportunities. A group of 24 parents took advantage of tours around Oldham College and Money Controls, Royton, finding out about possible options for further education and employment.

A series of events for Glodwick parents are planned for early in 2001 that will utillise the experience of the Quest for Economic Development (QED) organisation of Bradford. Who have extensive experience working the parents of young people from south asian communities.

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