Groups working with pupils

Afro caribbean group
Coppice neighbourhood group
Fatima womens association
Derker and stoneleigh residents association
Childrens society

Fatima womens have submitted a bid for the summer school whereby they will be running a one week art class for ethnic minority children who are new into the country and below level 3 spoken english. They will conduct art classes on their premises and take them for trips into the rural areas of oldham to sketch and draw. The school teachers involved are from houghton mill school and are studying Urdu and look upon this as an opportunity to improve their spoken Urdu.

Afro caribbean are working with mather street school on a project that will look at caribbean history, music and art. This club will be held after school and will include non afro caribbean children. The aim of the project is to help all pupils identify with afro caribbean culture.

Barnardos are working with three limeside schools on three individual projects. All the schools will be based at the local library - one school is carrying out a project on reading skills and the other two are working with oldham theatre workshop on producing their own play. The drama project has been developed to help the pupils improve on communication and listening skills.

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