Information for Employers

Working with Oldham COMPACT Education Business Partnership can provide your company with opportunites to invest in education. An investment which will pay dividends through a work force with the skills you know are so important.

Investing some time in education through Oldham Compact EBP can also:-

Promote the reputation of your organisation within the community Raise the morale and motivation of your workforce through staff development Provide evidence to support Investors in People and Business Excellence Lead to accreditation with recognised bodies.

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  Invest in Mock Interviews

This activity gives young people aged 15 -19, the opportunity to have a simulated job interview. The interviews can take place at the COMPACT Partnership Centre, on employers premises or at school.

  Invest in Mentoring

Volunteers from local businesses and the community are asked to help young people who are not achieving their full potential by offering to meet with them for at least one hour per month to provide support and guidance in setting personal targets for improvement. Mentors also help with regular reviews of progress made.

  Invest in School Visits

Oldham companies can play host to groups of supervised young people from age 5 to 19, in order for the group to learn about clearly defined objectives.

  Invest in Out Of School Hours Activities

Local employers can help the schools and community groups that are delivering innovative learning opportunities in the early mornings, evenings, weekends and holidays.

  Invest in Personal Effectiveness Training

Usually for students in colleges, this programme has four modules; communication, listening, self-presentation and time management. Volunteers from local companies support the programme by bringing their own real experiences to the course.

  Invest in Teacher Placements

This scheme enables teachers to widen their knowledge and experience of the business and industrial worlds, to enhance the learning of their pupils.
  Invest in Senior Management Links

Managers from local companies and head teachers from local schools provide mutual co-operation and support. There are opportunities for the sharing of views and strategies to meet management, planning and budgeting issues.

  Invest in Reading Partners

Reading Partners from local business are trained to support school pupils through reading. The reading partner would spend three twenty-minute sessions with the child each week for 10 weeks.

  Invest in the Curriculum

You can help to make the school curriculum more relevant to the world of work by providing materials, or speaking to groups of pupils, or helping with pupils project work etc etc.

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