Oldham COMPACT Education Business Partnership can trace its origins to December 1990 when the first bid was submitted for development funding, subsequently becoming live in April 1991. Continuing developments included the establishment of Young COMPACT, responsibility for Teacher placements, obtaining charitable status, and after merger with the OMBC education committee, the formal creation of Oldham Compact EBP in September 1997.

  The team, and current areas of work

Clive Gee - COMPACT/EBP Manager

Andy Czakow - Partnership Centre Manager

Cath Wallace - Assistant Manager (Primary) and Teacher Placements

Vanessa Casaru - Oldham Mentoring Project

Adrian Ball - Key Skills Development

Ann Bruce - Study Support Activities

Pamela Sewart - Support Manager

Beveley Matthews & Christine Pooley - Support Officers


Oldham Compact EBP is please to report that it is an Investor in People, and that it has successfully obtained the National EBP Network Quality Mark

Additionaly Oldham Compact EBP operates systems of procedures that ensure quality responses to all enquiries, and ensures that each of the activities delivered has identifiable impact on participants, through a thorough system of evaluation.


The Partnership Centre

The Oldham Compact EBP Partnership Centre is a flexible workspace, equipped with suites of PC and Macintosh computers. The centre is used daily by primary and secondary schools involved with COMPACT/EBP projects, and as a centre for training the numerous volunteers from local business and the community that are so important to the activities of Oldham Compact EBP.

The Partnership Centre is well equipped to deliver projects, resources include:-

Computer controlled LEGO kits,
Basic Electricity Kits
Practice Telephone Networks
Practise E mail Networks
Digital Video and Still Cameras
Digital Video Editing
Video Conferencing
PC Network with Filtered Internet Access
Mac Network with OS9
Vinyl Sign Writing Software and Production facilities
Data Projectors
Full Colour Print facilities

Some of the above resources may be available on short term loan to Oldham schools, as part of partnership activities, please contact us for details.


OCEBP Projects are supported by:-

- Oldham Education Authority
- Oldham Chamber Commerce Training and Enterprise
- Dfee Standards fund
- Dfee working in Partnership
- Dfee - Demonstration Projects
- New Opportunities fund
- SRB 3 - People to the fore
- SRB 4 - Welfare to work

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